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Fri , 02/03/2018

Introducing the Rosewood Resource Centre

Next week, on Monday 5 March, we will officially open the Rosewood Resource Centre. The opening of this signature building at the centre of the Secondary Campus is an historic event in the life of the College, and I would like to take an opportunity to explain here the uses we have planned for the building once open.

When I attended school as a student, back in 1980s England in a bleak government run city comprehensive, we had a Library and not a Resource Centre. Our Library was a place where myself and my school mates could go to borrow a book or to find a quiet place to do homework, if we so chose. “Quiet” was apparently the key word in our school library, such was the frequency with which we heard it shout whispered by our Librarians, who were, in theory, on hand to provide guidance and help but in practice did little more than a lot of glaring and shushing. Perhaps naturally, my friends and I found the playground and a football a more welcoming place to spend our time.

Thankfully, times have changed and a modern Resource Centre is a stimulating, comfortable and relaxing place, equipped with more than just books and providing students with the opportunities to seek assistance, collaborate with classmates, learn in a variety of contexts, go online and conduct research and, in our case, seek help with their devices at the ICT Helpdesk. Modern Resource Centres do all the good that old libraries used to do, and much more.

The Rosewood Resource Centre has been designed with many functions in mind, all of which are for the benefit of our students. Upon entering the building, students will be faced with a wide foyer in which there is an opportunity to sit and relax on comfortable lounger, or wait to get the assistance of our Librarian or ICT Helpdesk staff if they are busy. Rosewood is of course equipped with a full loans desk and a comprehensive book collection, and also an ICT Helpdesk which student and staff can approach when they have a computer issue. The Helpdesk staff will, if possible, fix the issue or, if it is a bigger problem, offer assistance with returning computers for repair and in some cases providing loan devices.

Rosewood will also be home to 4 new classrooms, in which students can enjoy modern, comfortable and flexible furniture, including breakout spaces, which facilitate a variety of learning scenarios. A fifth classroom will be home to Learning Enhancement on the Secondary Campus, where students receiving curriculum support will work in small groups to maximise their potential.

A key feature of Rosewood will be the flexibility it allows for our students to study. Equipped with furniture in a variety of configurations, it allows for independent, pair and small group work, including a learning terrace which, shaded from the sun, allows our students to work with the benefits of fresh air, natural light and overlooking our natural bushland setting.

Indeed, the Resource Centre provides students with exactly the resources and facilities that they need to maximise their potential in the aspects of the Learner Framework – a Framework which has been designed around the research that conclusively demonstrates that future employers are seeking individuals who can collaborate, communicate and problem solve.

I am truly excited about the opportunities the Rosewood Resource Centre presents for TSAC students for years to come, and remind you of the opportunity for you to attend the official opening ceremony on Monday March 5 at 6:30.

Lastly, I would like to thank all of those people who have worked hard to make the Rosewood Resource Centre a possibility. Starting at the conception phase with the College Council and former Chairman Dr Murray Evans, Council members and Chief Financial Officer Joe McMeniman, making the necessary financial commitments and applications, Business Manager Jackie McComb for managing the project build, State Government for its commitment of funding, former Head of College Steve Croft for his driving of the design phase and the staff who have assisted me in developing that vision, through to execution with architects Fulton Trotter and builders Condev. Each of these participants has played a valuable role, and has my thanks and the thanks of all of those students present and future who will benefit.

I hope to see you at the official opening on Monday.

Darren Pitt

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