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From the Principal

Fri , 02/02/2018

It has been an energetic start to Term 1, and a delight to have students fully returning to the College and taking up new opportunities, and with Creative Arts and clubs and activities already in full swing, and with our first sports fixtures this coming Saturday, the energy and excitement characteristic of our College is already evident.

This week has seen two extremely important occasions, with the induction of the Year 6 Leaders on the Primary Campus, and the induction of the Year 9 and Year 12 Leaders on Secondary. Amongst our Year 12 group is, of course, our formal prefect group for 2018.

As you will recall, we have made changes to our leadership programs for 2018 with Graham Swinton, Director of Student Activities, overseeing their leadership roles and development.

As part of this responsibility, our leaders will all form part of a Student Representative Council (SRC), who will be charged with assisting the College Senior Leadership Team in decision making, and in this way will have a good deal of influence in the College.

In fact, it was this key word, influence, which formed part of my address to our leaders on both campuses this week when I asked them to take the responsibility of the influence they can have over each other very seriously. Explaining to them that they have the power to have a lasting impression on everyone they meet, based on the ways in which they conduct themselves and treat them.

I asked them to think about how they, and how we all, can influence other people – how as a leader they have the power other people to make them smile and laugh, make them feel valued and loved, make them feel confident, help them succeed, to see their strengths and get the best out of them, and model good behaviour.

I asked them that if they remembered nothing else from what I have had to say in my address, that they remember that fact: their influence, their power to positively lead and impact other people, is enormous.

Our Year 12, Year 9 and Year 6 leaders, our key student influencers, have been selected to hold a formal positions of influence for 2018 based on the years they have spent earning a reputation in our community for doing the good things, for getting it right, and they fully deserved their formal recognition of their remarkable power to influence others positively.

I thank them for the ways in which they have been having a positive influence, am excited about the positive influences they will have in 2018 and beyond. A full list of our student leaders can be found below:

New Students and Year 7
We have had 120 new students start at TSAC for 2018, and I have been delighted at the ways they have settled in. Crucial to that has been the characteristic welcome that our families, staff and students have offered our new students.

To continue to ensure that a transition to the College is seamless for families, next week, on Thursday Feb 8, new families are invited to a Parent and Friends Association Drinks and Meet the Principal event. Commencing at 7pm in the Cedar Building (formally the Multipurpose Centre) this event is an excellent opportunity for new families to meet one another in a relaxed setting, meet key staff and hear some words from me about the services the College provides to ensure that new students, and in fact all students, are happy, relaxed and safe.

Many of our new students are in Year 7, and It was wonderful to welcome all 90 of our new Year 7 students to the Secondary campus. Each of them has settled into their new routines, learning experiences and classrooms, and this week they have been on a team building camp. Located in Woodford on the Sunshine Coast, the students, together with their form teachers, Mrs Haines-Shipman, Mrs Crosby, Mr Cox and Ms Hawkes, and Mr Swinton, Mr Vega and the Year 12 Prefects fulfilling part of their leadership responsibilities, have engaged in a number of team building activities to ensure that all students, whether transferring from our Primary Campus or new to the College, have built strong networks which will provide them with supportive relationships going forward.

It was my pleasure to visit the camp for the day on Thursday, and had a wonderful time with the students in their activities. A particular highlight for me was the Flying Fox and Crate Climb, and hearing from the venue staff about how favourably our students compare to other school groups who visit them. I received numerous comments about how polite, respectful and positive our students are, and this filled me with great pride. Also a highlight was that, somehow and against all expectation, myself and the Year 7s even managed to stay dry in the raft building exercise!

Pop Art
Week 1 witnessed an historic event on the Secondary Campus, as, with the aid of Federal Minister for Oxley Milton Dick and State Minister for Jordan Chariss Mullen, we unveiled our pop art installation.

Designed as part of the landscaping project on Secondary and partly funded by the Parent and Friends Association, the pop art installation is designed to capture the spirit of the TSAC students – full of life and character, colourful, bold, fun and proud. We hope that the pop art installation will become an icon for the College for years to come, as a representation of the TSAC spirit.

Last week we welcomed a new member of staff to the College, and I am delighted to welcome Mr Joel Woods as a part time Instrumental Music Teacher for our thriving College Guitar Program. Joel is a highly qualified and experienced musician, who specialises in Classical, Jazz and Rock guitar performance. He holds a Bachelor of Music Performance and Master of Music Studies, both from the QLD Conservatorium of Music, has great experience in teaching guitar in schools and is a member of several Brisbane Professional Ensembles. Joel also travels internationally performing with the Melbourne Mandolin Orchestra.

Joel will work on Tuesdays and Fridays, and has already commenced classes for TSAC guitar students and taken responsibility for the extra-curricular groups Junior TSAC Rockers, Senior Rock Band and Junior Ukulele Ensemble.

Archbishop’s Message
At the start of each year, The Most Reverend Dr Phillip Aspinall, Archbishop of Brisbane, welcomes students, staff and families back to the school year via video. Each of our students and staff have had an opportunity to hear from the Archbishop, who in this video shares his thoughts on the importance of inter-generational relationships in building a community, and I would like to encourage you to also listen to his short message. The strength of the TSAC community is something I am very proud of, and as members of local, national and global communities the Archbishop’s encouragement and insight is helpful to us all.

Please click here to view the Archbishop’s message.

Darren Pitt

Essential SSL