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Thu , 29/03/2018

This week as a community we have celebrated Easter with two services, one on each of the campuses. Easter is the most significant event on the Christian calendar, at which time we reflect on Jesus’ was resurrection and ascension into Heaven, where he was to start a new life. New life is the key symbol of Easter, and the reason it is marked in tradition with the giving of an egg, and in folklore with an Easter bunny – both symbols of fertility and a new beginning.

In our services, Chaplain Erika has offered reflection on the significance of Jesus’ crucifixion and burial, the revelation of an empty tomb, Jesus’ ascension to heaven and the miracles that followed. The stories of Easter are complicated, sad and uplifting, but, as we have discussed this week in our services, there are no better illustration of the ways in which a Christian faith can give comfort to a person.

In the stories of Easter, after the resurrection on Easter Sunday, we rely on the accounts of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John to describe events, and these are really important in helping us understand what happened next in the story of Jesus.

But first, it is interesting to take a moment to consider how Jesus’ disciples and followers must have been feeling after Easter weekend, and the power that a faith in Jesus brought them. The crucifixion of Jesus would have been horrific for them – the disciples had seen their leader, teacher and friend persecuted, publically tortured and murdered. They were hiding, living in fear for their own lives. They would have been afraid, terrified. And then, adding to those feelings, word was beginning to spread that Jesus’ dead body was gone, absent from a sealed tomb.

We can only imagine the confusion and fear they must have felt.

And then, Jesus came to them all, and put their minds at rest.

Luke describes the appearance of Jesus to Cleopas on the road to Emmaus, breaking bread with him and another disciple, reminding them that his suffering would lead him to eternal glory, reaffirming their faith and confidence.

He then appeared beside the Sea of Galilee, bringing a haul of 153 fish to the starving men Simon, Peter, Thomas and Nathaniel.

And Peter, who had denied knowing Jesus at his trial, is then visited by Jesus and forgiven, charging him to ‘feed my sheep’, or metaphorically asking him to spread the word of God and care for his people.

And finally, in what is known as The Great Commission, Jesus appears before the disciples and asks them to spread the word of God:

Matthew, Chapter 28, Verses 18 – 20:

18 Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. 19 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

And that is where a faith based education and Chaplaincy comes in: spreading the word of God, offering charity and kindness, feeding the hungry, soothing the minds of the confused and distressed. These are the acts of service that we can all engage in.

These were Jesus’ acts on earth after his resurrection, and they all important lessons for us to learn about the ways we should behave – whilst the story of Easter is a confronting and complicated one, it also offers us some of the most basic and easy to follow lessons.

In our services this week, the students came forward to decorate a simple and barren crucifix with flowers. It was a powerful and symbolic way of illustrating how beauty and new life can grow out of a seemingly dead thing. As Jesus has done for us, so the newly decorated crucifix invigorates us and renews our faith.

Chaplaincy is also an important aspect of our faith based education, and Chaplain Erika Williams, now nearing the end of her first Term at TSAC, has done a wonderful job of creating a warm, welcoming and inclusive chaplaincy program which incorporates the oversight of Religious and Values Education (RAVE), the spiritual, emotional and pastoral support of staff, students and their families, running the Social Justice Group, and building relationships and networking with other Chaplains, Parishes, Clergy and Anglicare Services in our Diocese. She has done a wonderful job, and I am delighted to have her on our staff and working with our families.

Parent and Friends Association Easter Raffle
This week, we have also drawn the P&F Easter Raffle, a fund raising initiative which will see all proceeds pushed back into the College in order to pay for resources and facilities which benefit all of our students.

I would like to thank all of those parents and community members who purchased tickets, and thank the Committee members for their hard work in organising the raffle, principally President Peter Corta, Vice President Sean Winterflood and Treasurer Karolina Pemberton, and all of those members who assisted.

I am delighted to announce that the winners of prizes are below, each of whom will be contacted about delivery or collection of their prize:

4 x VIP Brisbane Lions Tickets and Signed AFL BallRanya Toppin
Framed Brisbane Lions Match ShirtLisa Van Vliet
Mountain BikeKellie Morris
Annual Pass to DreamworldJeff Masien
QLD Reds ShirtTaylor McPaul
Male Galvin Green Golf JacketIsobel Chambers
Male Galvin Green Golf JacketJulieanne Michael
Female Galvin Green Golf JacketDiane Murray
Female Galvin Green Golf JacketK & H Whitehorne
Easter Chocolate PrizeAmy Hogan
Easter Chocolate PrizeKerry Hogrefe
Easter Chocolate PrizeMegann & David Trimble
Easter Chocolate PrizeTroy Curtis
Easter Chocolate PrizeFiona Berry
Easter Chocolate PrizeGareth McKenzie
Easter Chocolate PrizeBec Morrish
Easter Chocolate PrizeThe Hunt Family
Easter Chocolate PrizeKeoula Wheeler
Easter Chocolate PrizeNathan Tatai
Easter Chocolate PrizeAngus Hutton
Easter Chocolate PrizeTaropa Chinyemba
Easter Chocolate PrizeSusan Thomasson
Easter Chocolate PrizeStevie Hall
Easter Chocolate PrizeRaewyn Tynan
Easter Chocolate PrizeKyle Hope
Easter Chocolate PrizeTaylor McPaul
Easter Chocolate PrizeCharlotte Morris
Easter Chocolate PrizeKathleen Davis
Easter Chocolate PrizeJudy Robinson
Easter Chocolate PrizeAmanda Probert
Easter Chocolate PrizeKoa Seymour

May I conclude by wishing you all a Happy Easter, and a relaxing, fulfilling and restful holiday.

Darren Pitt


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