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From the Principal

Fri , 20/05/2022

Dear Parents

This week our music ensembles have been performing at the Ipswich Eisteddfod and have achieved some wonderful results.  On Wednesday the Junior Choir and the TSAC Chorale were both awarded first place in their relative sections.  On Thursday the Grainger String Ensemble was awarded first place and the Sculthorpe String Ensemble were awarded second place in the same section. Our Secondary Campus ensembles have also had success with the Animato String Ensemble awarded second place, Senior Woodwind Ensemble, third place and our Stage Band and TSAC String Quartet awarded a Highly Commended each.  Our musicians have done themselves and their College proud and we congratulate them on their achievements.

The recent rain has caused many interruptions to the sporting program at the College but our runners found a window of sunshine to contest the GBC Cross Country on Thursday.  Our Primary and Secondary runners did very well with the College achieving 3rd place overall.


The Parents and Friends Trivia Night is on again this year and will be held on Saturday 11 June.  This will be a fantastic evening of fun with some fabulous prizes on offer.  The P&F are now fundraising to purchase the score boards for our new Sports Centre, to be built next year.  Tickets are limited and selling very fast so please book early to avoid disappointment.  Purchase tickets here.

My very best wishes
Steven Morris

From the Chaplain

After all the disruptions of Term 1, we have finally had the chance to complete the first of three cycles of Clan Chapels for students and staff on the Secondary Campus. Each Clan in turn has had the opportunity to assist with the facilitation of a worship service featuring Holy Communion in the Anglican church tradition.

Of course, it is well understood by all that not every student or staff member is a practising Anglican and so participation in the Holy Communion part of the service is always entirely optional. In accordance with the practice of my colleagues at most other Anglican schools, I am happy to share the sacrament with any person who elects to come forward with their hands extended, as it is not ‘my’ altar during this ancient and holy ritual – we say it is the Lord’s.

As a point of interest, Anglican schools and parishes in our Diocese have been advised that we are authorised to again offer both bread (unleavened wafers) and wine, as was the custom pre-Covid. We have elected (in common with many other faith communities) to continue to offer only bread to those who come forward in Chapel, as our Church teaches that the bread alone is understood as representing the complete sacrament.

Each Clan will have two more Chapel times together this year and I look forward to seeing the creativity the students will be able to bring to our worship times. If any parents would like to discuss any aspect of the Clan Chapel experience with me, I’d welcome your call.

Rev. Jonathan Kemp
College Chaplain





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