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From the Principal

Fri , 06/05/2022

Dear Parents

It has been wonderful to have the opportunity to hold a number of celebrations together as a College.  The Commissioning of Reverend Jonathan was a great occasion where we could gather with our Regional Bishop, members of the clergy and our College Community to support Reverend Jonathan in his ministry to our College.  We also celebrated our College’s Foundation Day where we revisited the opening of the College, with 12 students and 3 staff, 24 years ago.

Our annual Interclan Cross Country this week saw both Primary and Secondary students gather to compete for their Clan on our Secondary Campus with the overall victors being Clan McDuff.  This was followed by the now annual, Founders Dash around the Secondary Campus internal road.  This hotly contested race was won by Clan Keith.

The Parents and Friends held a special pancake breakfast on the Primary Campus for Mother’s Day this morning.  It was lovely to celebrate how special our Mothers are.  I thank the Parents and Friends (especially the Dad’s) for this initiative.

Recently, the media has reported a trend among adolescents regarding the use of e-cigarettes and vaping.  The College has programs to educate our students on the harm caused by this practice and has now installed vaping detectors in its Secondary Campus bathrooms.  There are severe consequences should students be found engaging in these practices or being in possession of e-cigarettes or vaping apparatus on campus.  Some useful information for parents about talking with young people about vaping can be found here: Talking_about_vaping_with_young_people

It is NAPLAN time again and our Years Three, Five, Seven and Nine students will begin completing their annual NAPLAN assessments online next week.   NAPLAN helps determine whether or not young Australians are developing the literacy and numeracy skills that provide the critical foundation for other learning.  NAPLAN itself provides a snapshot of a student’s understanding in these key learning areas at particular points in time and is not an overarching reflection on how a student is progressing in the classroom.  The importance the College places on Literacy and Numeracy is reflected in the time allocated to these key areas within the College curriculum.

My very best wishes

From the Chaplain

Last week, I was formally Commissioned by our Regional Anglican Bishop, the Right Reverend John Roundhill, into the role of TSAC College Chaplain in a wonderful service in the Dome. Many thanks must go to all who attended, participated and organised the event, especially Mrs Mel Ellis, Mrs Amy Baker and Mrs Julie Crouch, along with Mr Heath Del Favero and the Animato Strings group. One of the most important points of the Commissioning service is the moment when the Bishop asks the candidate (me) whether we feel truly called into the role, and it was a great pleasure to be able to say, “Yes – I do.”

People who attended may have noticed that the Bishop always processes with a shepherd’s crook as a kind of walking stick. This object is technically known as a ‘crosier’ and often has an interesting back-story about how it came into the Bishop’s possession. The main idea is that it reminds us that the bishop is like a shepherd of a flock, caring for us and looking out for us.

This Sunday (8 May) is called Good Shepherd Sunday in the Church calendar around the world – a Sunday that is set aside to focus upon the idea of Jesus being the self-described ‘Good Shepherd’ to all who are prepared to hear his voice through the Scriptures and our traditions and then respond by following him, accepting his care and protection.

Of course, it is also coincidentally Mother’s Day this Sunday, as we recognised at Primary Chapel today, with Class 1H , led by Mrs Hogan, sharing beautiful messages about their Mums. Congratulations to all the mothers in our community and I hope you receive a great deal of pastoral and personal care from your loved ones this weekend.

Peace in Christ
Reverend Jonathan





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