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From the Principal

Fri , 03/09/2021

Dear Parents

It has been great to have student life activities up and running again.  The incredible variety of activities and sports offered at TSAC is a key component of the holistic educational approach the College affords its students.  The Student Life offerings provide students with challenges and experiences beyond the classroom.  I encourage all students to become involved in our Student Life activities, not only because of our holistic educational approach, but also because they provide enrichment and opportunities for life-long memories.

Over the next few weeks, fencing will be constructed along the front of the Secondary Campus and an electronic gate put in place at the main entrance.  The fencing project has been brought forward in the interest of campus safety as there has been an increasing number of unwanted visitors to the Secondary Campus after-hours.  It is not expected that the construction of the fence will cause disruption to our normal activities.

The Springfield Anglican College is always on the lookout to improve services for our families.  As such, we have partnered with a specialist provider, Edstart, to make managing school fee payments easier.  From next year, all payment plans, other than termly or annually, will be made via Edstart.

With Edstart PayPlus, tuition fees can be spread evenly over 12 months and families will have increased flexibility beyond what the College can currently offer.  More information will be made available in the coming months, but we believe this increased flexibility will give families greater peace of mind when it comes to staying on top of fees.  There will be no additional charges for this new service.  Learn more about Edstart here.

If your student is not returning to The Springfield Anglican College next year (2022), it is important that you give the College a full term’s notice to avoid incurring fees as part of the College Enrolment Agreement.  If your student is not returning, please contact the Enrolment Officer by phone or email:

To all the Dads in our College Community, I hope you have a happy Fathers’ Day on Sunday.

My very best wishes

Steven Morris.





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