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Fri , 23/07/2021

Dear Parents

It has been a great start to the term.  We have been very fortunate here in Queensland to be able to operate without much disruption.  We are truly blessed that we have not had to endure a prolonged state of lockdown like our southern States.  That said, with the increasing risks of this new Covid variant, our College must be prepared to ensure continuity of learning should a lockdown occur.  We have all experienced learning from home last year and should the need arise, the College will deliver learning through our Nexus platform and Zoom.  Our students are well versed in accessing their course materials from Nexus, however, it is timely for parents to check that all student devices from Year 3 to Year 12 have up-to-date Zoom access.  To download the latest version of Zoom, please click on the Zoom icon below.

Our Kindergarten to Year 2 students have been provided with access to SeeSaw, a digital app-based platform that allows students, teachers, and parents or guardians to complete and share classroom learning and if required remote learning from home. Using the Seesaw app, students can show what they know using various media, from photos and videos to drawings, text, links, and PDFs.   Seesaw can be downloaded from the Apple Store, Google Play or by clicking the SeeSaw icon below.

Last week our Assemblies and Chapel focussed on the history of the College as we celebrated Foundation Day.  TSAC is a relatively young school (founded in 1998).  It was founded when Springfield was in its infancy and mainly bushland.  Much has changed in our district in the past 23 years and the College has also changed during this time as it seeks to best serve its community.

This week we held our inaugural Foundation Day Dash on the Secondary Campus.  Our Clans selected their champions to run the one-mile race around the driveway of the Secondary Campus.  It was an exciting event with the students lining the driveway, cheering on their runners.  It was a very tight competition with Clan Keith emerging as victors.  I would like to acknowledge College Vice Captain, Joshua Cool, for his initiative in organising this event and we look forward to the excitement of the Foundation Day Dash in years to come.

Traffic during drop-off and pick-up times are constant challenges for schools everywhere.  Students on our Primary Campus are supervised until 3:30pm in the afternoon and it is possible to avoid the congestion at peak pick-up time by delaying your pick-up until after 3:15pm.  If you choose to pick your child up during peak time, please be considerate of others, follow the clearly marked arrows on the road and do not block through traffic in the carpark.  Similarly, on the Secondary Campus, peak time can be avoided by collecting students after 3:30pm.

Parents are welcome on our campuses.  When visiting the College, please remember your mask and sign-in using the Check-in Qld App.  Restrictions change depending on the health advice at the time and the College will continue to operate within those restrictions to keep our community safe.

My very best wishes

Steven Morris.





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