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From the Principal

Sat , 20/02/2021

Dear Parents

Last week our College Council gave approval for us to begin the planning for a brand-new sports centre.  The sports centre will be the largest capital and building works project in the history of the College.  It will be a building that is able to service both campuses as a first-class sporting facility, large enough to hold combined campus assemblies, creative arts events, speech night and awards evenings.  The new sports centre will be located adjacent to the Dome.  The addition of this new building will provide TSAC with two covered sporting venues and the building will complete the road frontage of our Secondary Campus.  A building such as this will be a great addition to our already modern campus and will provide many more opportunities for all students at TSAC.

The Parents and Friends Association provides an opportunity for parent involvement and offers support to the College through various activities and avenues.  The first meeting of the Parents and Friends Association will be held on Wednesday 24 February.  All parents are invited to become part of this friendly, vibrant and supportive group.

To access the P&F Association page in Nexus, please click here.

The College will shortly begin the development of a new strategic plan.  Parents are key stakeholders in the College and, as such, will be invited to give input into this important document.  The Parents and Friends Association will be the key parent group allowing all parents the opportunity to provide input into our strategic direction for the next 5 years.  There will be more information about this in the coming weeks.

We are now in the season of Lent – the 6 weeks leading up to Easter.  I will be speaking at Assemblies and Chapel about why Christians observe Lent.  For young people surrounded by our consumer society, the observance of Lent is an increasingly difficult concept to understand.  When I was a child, my Grandmother explained Lent to me as the preparation for a great celebration, which is Easter.  She told me that if I paused all the fun things in my life for a little while and learned to live without them, the celebration at the end, when I could have it all once again, would be fantastic.  I will admit, that it was mostly to do with giving up chocolate only to gorge myself with chocolate eggs on Easter Day.

For me now, Lent is a time to reflect on the sinfulness of men and women that led to Jesus dying on a cross.  It is a time to reflect on my own inadequacies and weaknesses, my love for others and the opportunity to take time to draw closer to God.

My best wishes

Steven Morris.





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