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Fri , 05/02/2021

Dear Parents

I would like to extend a warm welcome as we begin this new year of schooling.  We have many new families joining us this year and I hope that you will find our College community inviting and supportive.

During Assembly and Chapel this week our students viewed a short welcome video from Archbishop Phillip Aspinall.  Our Archbishop also launched this year’s theme for Anglican Schools:

This is the first ‘From the Principal’ article for the year.  For those families who are new to the College, this communication is published each fortnight.  The College uses Nexus to communicate directly with parents and I encourage you to download the App. and set up your preferences so that you receive the information you require.  The College Handbook can also be found on Nexus and this contains the expectations, policies and procedures for the functioning of both our Primary and Secondary Campuses.

The new Principal News page allows me to communicate newsworthy items relating to the whole College.  The Principal News page also has a fortnightly calendar (scroll down on the App or look right on a desktop).  Although most parents set Nexus to feed information only relating to their students, the calendar on this page shows all activities in the College for the coming two weeks.  You can view more information on each calendar item by clicking on it.

This week students have been presented with various ties and badges recognising particular leadership positions they hold in our College.  In my addresses to both the Primary and Secondary Campuses, I highlighted that no matter what position you hold in life, CEO, school principal, Captain, Prefect, older sibling or even someone’s best friend, everyone is leading someone.  I did not use any high-powered quotes from best-selling leadership books.  Instead we focussed on St Mathew’s Gospel where Jesus talks about the type of leader God wants us to be – a servant leader.   I highlighted six qualities of a servant leader that I see in Jesus: Integrity, Humility, Flexibility, Resilience, Stewardship and Empathy.  A servant leader can see people through the eyes of Jesus, and serving others is a great privilege and comes with a lot of responsibility.  It is a good exercise to think about the people in your life God is calling you to lead, and when its time to make decisions within that role, ask yourself a famous question: “What would Jesus do?”

Parents on Campus
We are now able to welcome parents onto our campuses; however, we must still adhere to government regulations and our COVID safe plans. Social distancing requirements are always to be observed and I ask all adults to lead by example and set the standard for our students to follow.  Our Primary and Secondary campuses have different facilities with different capacities for adequate distancing, so there may be inconsistencies between our Campuses as to what can be allowed.  Drop-off and pick-up procedures remain unchanged on the Secondary Campus.  The Head of Primary, Mrs Tania Brewer, has published information regarding these procedures for the Primary Campus.  These procedures are for the safety of our students, staff and parents and to preserve our time-on-task by maximising teaching time.

Now that our College routine is established, we can welcome parents to our weekly Assemblies and Chapels once again (or at least until restrictions say otherwise).  Parents are welcome to attend our Secondary Campus assemblies without restriction, however, the Primary Campus does not have enough space to social distance parents when all students are present.  Friday Chapel on Primary will be adjusted to allow parents of the hosting class to attend.  To make space for parents, some year levels may not be present in the covered area and parents attending will need to come prepared with a mask to wear, should there not be adequate social distancing space.  We shall constantly reassess our ability to allow more parents attend Friday Chapel on Primary.  We obviously cannot safely hold everyone and ask for your patience as we work through logistics, adjust our format and test our capacity to allow as many parents as possible to safely attend our events in the future.

A number of parent information evenings are being held at the College.  I encourage parents to attend these to meet key staff and other parents.

During this week our Year 7 and Year 11 students attended their annual Camp.  Outdoor education is an important part of our holistic educational offering.  It is also an important part of the Australian Curriculum and camps provide students with:

  • direct personal contact with nature in ways that promote personal health and wellbeing.
  • opportunities to reflect on healthy alternatives for everyday living and lay vital foundations for sustainability and stewardship into the future.
  • competence and safety management in the Australian outdoors, including assessing and managing risks.
  • essential personal and social capabilities such as communication, resilience, self-confidence, leadership, teamwork, goal setting, personal autonomy and initiative.

Camps have always been an important part of education in Australian schools and in addition to the above, they provide memories and friendship opportunities that remain with students long after they leave school.

Student Life
Our academic program is enriched by participation in Sport, Creative Arts and the many Clubs and Activities offered at the College.  Student Life programs begin in earnest next week, with some pre-season sporting competitions taking place this weekend.  So many powerful learning experiences happen outside the classroom and I encourage all students to get involved in our Student Life programs.  If your child has not signed up yet, it is never too late to get involved.

Safer Internet Day
On Tuesday 9 February the College will observe Safer Internet Day.  An online presence is becoming increasingly part of a young person’s life.  The College will use this day to promote an understanding of what it means to maintain a safe on-line presence.

My best wishes

Steven Morris.





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