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From the Principal

Fri , 27/11/2020

Dear Parents

Speech Day is the College’s most traditional ceremonial event where we celebrate the academic achievements of our students and showcase our excellence in Creative Arts.  Although we observed our traditional format, we did miss the atmosphere normally created by families and friends in the audience.  The congratulatory handshake was replaced by the handing of certificates at arm’s length, followed then by acknowledgment on stage whilst standing in a social distancing formation.  This ‘new way’ forced us to investigate live-streaming and recording the event.  By all accounts, this was successful and will pave the way for the College to include both an audience and live streaming in the future.

In contrast to Speech Day, was the Year 12 Graduation where we were able to invite parents and friends of our graduating class onto the Secondary Campus for the first time since the lockdown in April.  Our Sports Dome provided a COVID-safe environment and we recorded the event for the first time, including the live feed from the drone footage of the farewell ‘snake’ viewed on the electronic screen set up in the Dome.  To have parents back on campus to attend events has highlighted how much we have missed the involvement of our College Community.  Next week, parents of our Year 6 students will be welcomed onto the Primary Campus for the Year 6 Graduation.


Although this has been a difficult year, Speech Day and Graduation ceremonies allow us to reflect on all we have achieved in the past 12 months.  The COVID-19 pandemic may have forced us apart, but it has certainly made us rethink the way we do things and be thankful for what we have.  To witness people in our country working together to control the outbreaks of this highly contagious virus and the news of possible vaccines gives us all hope.  Greater still, is the support our College Community offers each other, witnessed most recently in the damaging hail storm.  Despite the challenges, our students have achieved great things and have had many great experiences in a year like no other.  As we prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus on Christmas day, I give thanks that there is a community like the one we have here at The Springfield Anglican College.  I hope you and your family have a safe and holy Christmas.

My best wishes

Steven Morris.


From the Chaplain

This week we celebrated our final Primary Christmas Chapel by singing Christmas Carols and donating gifts for the Giving Tree. Our Primary Community’s generosity was overwhelming and really appreciated by Tiffany Berg from Anglicare. A big thank you to all our families who support this outreach initiative that will benefit Anglicare’s Homelessness services for women, men and children. Gifts will be distributed by Anglicare to Youth Homelessness Services, Foster Care Services, Residential Care Services and Family Support Services. Our donations will be sure to brighten someone else’s Christmas!


Reverend Erika Williams





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