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From the Principal

Fri , 30/10/2020

From the Principal

The GBC Gala Sports Carnival held last Saturday morning provided a wonderful display of College Spirit. It was wonderful to see both our Primary and Secondary Campus students competing at the same venue, which had the capacity to allow for parent spectators. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Student Life and Sport staff for their excellent organisation which made the morning both fun and enjoyable for everybody.

The Primary Campus was awash with red for Day for Daniel. This day is one of the largest days of action in Australia to raise awareness of child safety, protection and harm prevention. The College conducts activities throughout the year to educate students about their safety, and Day for Daniel serves as a reminder for us all to start a conversation with children about their personal safety.

I would like to thank our College Parents and Friends Association for their generous support in providing funds to assist in the hire of inflatables for the Year 6 and Year 12 Activity Days. The support of our P&F will allow all students in Year 6 and Year 12 to participate in these days at no cost. I applaud this initiative which will allow all students to participate in these important ‘right of passage’ year level events, particularly those whose families are suffering considerable financial stress at this time.

Today we celebrated World Teachers’ Day. Teachers celebrated their profession with a special morning tea and students thanked their teachers for the contribution and influence they have on their lives. We have many amazing teachers in our College who dedicate their time and effort selflessly into cultivating and nurturing the growth of our students and it was wonderful to see the acknowledgement and gratitude shown towards them.

Best wishes
Steven Morris.

From the Chaplain

We are coming to the end of Week 4 of our final term for this year and at school we are starting our journey through Advent. I love this season as it is a great time of preparation. It is the time to start thinking about and preparing Christmas plans with family and friends, thinking about what gifts to buy, writing cards and reviewing the year if you still write the annual Christmas letter/email to overseas family and friends. In the church we start making preparations for our annual carols concert and play, and Christmas skits that occur through this season in weekly services. Most importantly it is the season to prepare our hearts and lives to welcome the coming of Jesus Christ at Christmas.

Traditionally we set five candles in a wreath and light one candle each week and focus on a different meaning. The wreath represents and never-ending circle to remember the eternality of God and the first candle lit is HOPE. If we think about lighting a candle in the dark the light is limited and draws our attention to what is directly around us. Darkness simplifies our focus and enables us to focus on the important and most pressing things. This season is the time to focus on what is most important, most pressing and most present before us. It’s a time to take notice of the events and circumstances around us, and what is going on in our lives and in the world. This then enables us to see where the hope of Jesus is bursting through the painful and dark circumstances in our lives and to observe what is happening. In the business of life, this Advent season we are all encouraged to pause and discover where the hope of Jesus is breaking through into our lives.

Blessings, Reverend Erika Williams






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