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From the Principal

Fri , 16/10/2020

Dear Parents

Welcome back to Term 4.  This term traditionally has several events to celebrate the achievements of our students throughout the year.  Information was placed on Nexus regarding these events earlier this week.  The College will continue to monitor the COVID restrictions we are operating under and adjust the organisation of our events if and when these restrictions change.  Even today, as I write this article, some restrictions involving schools have been lifted.  We all hope and pray that good management of the pandemic will allow us to have more parent participation at our events in the near future.

Earlier in the year, I communicated that the College was undertaking a curriculum review on the Secondary Campus.  The review was in response to feedback we received from Secondary students and parents following the period of online learning.  The Year 7 Curriculum review panel (consisting of 10 teachers) has completed their review and have advised that it is ready to be implemented in 2021.  The new structure is designed to provide Year 7 students with a very solid foundation from which to commence their secondary education, providing the opportunity for deeper learning in key subject areas before selecting their subject pathway in their later years of schooling.

Highlights from the Opening of the Kurrajong, Senior Learning and the Commissioning of the Principal at the end of last term have been uploaded to Nexus for the College community to view.  For quick view of each video, please see links below:

Kurrajong, Centre for Senior Learning Opening                  Commissioning of the Principal

On Saturday 23 October, TSAC will host the GBC Gala Carnival.  This carnival is always well attended, and this year will include, for the first time, our Primary students participating in the GBC Primary competition.

Best wishes
Steven Morris.






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