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From the Principal

Fri , 18/09/2020

Dear Parents

Term 3 has been a very busy term, despite the Covid restrictions in place.  It has been great to have a whole term of uninterrupted schooling so that student learning was not disrupted.  We also had our Student Life offerings in full swing, in particular GBC Sport and Creative Arts.  Many other activities were operational, providing our students with challenges outside of the normal classroom environment.

During this week, we had the official opening of the Kurrajong, Centre for Senior Learning and the Commissioning of the Principal.  The number of people able to attend these events was very restricted and in the coming weeks photos and video footage will be made available so that the whole College community can view the proceedings.  The greatest stand-out for me was the spectacular hospitality our students afforded the guests on the day and the wonderful performances from our music ensembles.  Our students are a true credit to our College and displayed a real-life exhibition of excellence which we continue to strive for.

This evening, our Year 12 students celebrate their Formal.  It will be a different occasion to past Formals with different rules to abide by.  We are, however, all thankful that this important right-of-passage can take place for a Year Group who will soon be sitting the first ATAR exams in Queensland having been through a year full of uncertainty and disruption.

I wish you all a safe and happy holiday.

Best wishes
Steven Morris.






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