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From the Principal

Fri , 15/05/2020

Dear Parents,

This week we welcomed our youngest and oldest students back to the College.  It has been wonderful to have students on Campus again providing their youthful energy and enthusiasm.  It will be even more exciting when all students return on Monday 25 May.  There will be communication next week regarding procedures in place for the return of all students to College campuses.

On Tuesday I spoke to our Senior Students (via Zoom) about the importance of physical distancing, washing hands, using hand sanitiser and staying away from school if they are not feeling well.  When not at school, they are around other people who have been around other people.  We cannot be certain that others do the right thing.  The only surety we have, is to take responsibility for ourselves.  Physical distancing and increased hygiene measures will be with us for a long time to come.

Each morning this week I have stood at the front of our Primary Campus greeting students as they arrive.  I thank the parents of our younger students for their due diligence and understanding in following our new drop off and collection practices.  Ensuring a safe College is our highest priority at the moment and I thank you for your part in this.

As we move towards the full return of students to the College, I am excited by what our teachers have learned in these past few weeks of on-line learning.  The co-creation of new knowledge and having to operate from a beginner’s mindset as we explore the technology with our students for the first time, has been a very powerful learning experience.  Being forced to leave the comfort zone of the normal classroom has brought a new dimension to leading the learning of our students and ourselves.  This can only be a good thing for education and the beneficiaries will be our students.

We look forward to welcoming the return of all our students to the College on Monday 25 May.

Best wishes

Steven Morris

From the Chaplain

Mother’s Day is the most inclusionary moment of the year, as we all have mothers.

Psalm 139: 13 says ‘For you created my innermost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.’ God fulfilled his promise through a borrowed womb (Gal 4:4). God used a female to save us by honouring pregnancy and motherhood in a way that in our culture does not always do today. Fr David Roseberry wrote ‘motherhood is one of the most fundamental human roles, given by God and knit into our DNA.’ It is essential that we remember and are sensitive to those that cannot and do not have children due to tragic loss and other unfulfilled hopes. All women should be honoured on Mother’s day. This is a day to remember to give thanks for all mothers and women, living or deceased.

Dear Lord, please watch over and support all mothers and women on earth and in heaven. Help them to know how much they are loved and appreciated on the special day and every day. Amen.


Reverend Erika Williams,
College Chaplain

Essential SSL