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From the Interim Principal

Fri , 06/12/2019

The last fortnight of any school year is a whirlwind of final events.  In a lively, robust school with a strong culture, interesting and meaningful things continue to happen right until the last moment of the final day.  It is important that all the members of the school community remain engaged and present in order to gain the full benefit of their educational and social opportunities at the College.

I was particularly impressed to see the graduation event held to mark the end of the “Rite Journey” completed by the Year 9 students. This very special program seeks to provide a safe space in which the Year 9s can explore such questions as “who am I?” and “what’s important to me?” as well as “how do I become a good man/woman?” with a mentor who stays with them throughout the year.  Opportunities to share their personal stories have helped to deepen understanding of each other and themselves.  The students who spoke on the night showed a strong appreciation of the program and its benefits.  Most of them mentioned the way gratitude had developed during the challenges faced and conquered in the course.

While there are endings, there are also beginnings, as incoming students for 2020 have received orientation experiences on both campuses to help them settle in to new surroundings.  Some of these are already students of The Springfield Anglican College and are changing campuses from Primary to Secondary.  It has been useful for all the students, whether entering the College at Kindergarten, Year 7 or Year 10, to see and experience something of what lies ahead for them next year.  They will be able to feel more excited than apprehensive throughout the long holidays ahead.

Another exciting beginning took place with the “turning of the sod” ceremony to mark the beginning of the construction of the new Centre for Senior Learning (Kurrajong) on the Secondary Campus. This will be a magnificent addition to the College and will provide a beautiful teaching and learning space for the senior students.

In the meantime, work on the transformation of several classrooms into additional Science laboratories has begun.  The demolition (ending) phase is in full swing but we look forward to the new beginnings which will be emerging soon.

As they say, it’s all happening!

Wendy Ashley-Cooper

Interim Principal



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