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From the Interim Principal

Fri , 08/11/2019

From the Interim Principal 2019 – Term 4, Week 5

Recent events have illustrated the extent and depth of the talent and capability of our students. The Sports Awards Dinner and the Creative Arts Awards Night were two such events.  The prize lists could have been filled twice over: such is the array of outstanding students from which to choose.  Decisions were often difficult but always thoughtful and mindful that one can be deserving but not end up with an award.


Similarly, the recent student leadership selection processes showed us the extent of the leadership capacity amongst the student body. I have always found that it is the students themselves who know their peers the best. Therefore, the most important factor in leadership selection, for me, is the student vote.  Contrary to common opinion, it is not usually the “cool” students who are voted in by their peers. It is also true that sometimes, leadership potential can go unrecognised by young people.  That is a risk we take.  By and large, however, the students tend to choose their leaders with maturity and reliability.

The Pockets assembly held this week on the Secondary Campus provided a wonderful example of student success in the co-curricular sphere. 148 students achieved a Bronze award, 26 a Silver and 23 a Gold. There no limit to the number of students who can gain these awards as they are criteria-based rather than competitive. The levels of achievement reached are impressive:    for example, a GBC premiership (bronze), participation in two or more ensembles for three consecutive years (silver), or state representation in a national competition (gold.)  Clearly the College is fortunate to have many talented students who strive for, and reach, significant milestones along their road to success. And the students are fortunate to have the College, too, to nurture and support them and provide a myriad of opportunities for personal growth.

There will be plenty of reflection and nostalgia as we prepare to farewell our graduating students next week. This College is a thriving community with a strong sense of culture. Staff and students enjoy positive and respectful relationships and these relationships extend across the year levels. Last week, the Year 12 students who had entered the College on the Primary Campus (in some cases, at the level of Prep) were guests of honour at Primary Chapel. Emotions bubbled over as they stepped back into a world which felt at once completely familiar and yet strange in that they had long outgrown it. The nostalgia was overwhelming at times and it was heart-warming to see the response of the Primary children and the staff as they formed a guard of honour to see out the students.

We look forward to the final events of the year in a spirit of celebration and gratitude for all that has been accomplished.

Wendy Ashley-Cooper

Interim Principal



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