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From the Interim Principal

Fri , 25/10/2019

From the Interim Principal 2019 – Term 4, Week 3

It’s always a positive experience for me to see the wonderful work that is going on in many areas of the College. Today is World Teachers’ Day and we celebrated teachers and teaching with special morning tea on both campuses.

Of course, it is the work of teachers to educate developing minds and the desired outcome of good teaching is always student success. We saw that in evidence last week at the Live to Dance showcase, where well over a hundred students presented a wonderful evening of joyful, exuberant, well-rehearsed and skilful dancing in an astonishing array of genres and styles.

The students certainly deserved all the applause they received. So, too, did their teachers, without whom they would not have experienced the success they did.

Teaching is less highly valued in our society than it should be. Perhaps it is because everyone went to school and thinks that teaching is easy because it is familiar to them. Good teachers, however, are highly trained and very skilful at what they do. Like dancers, they often make things look easy when they are not. They deserve our encouragement and appreciation. Teachers put in many, many hours beyond their contact hours with the students and are dedicated to helping students achieve success in a range of areas.

Hearing about the Rite Journey activities this week has been fascinating. The solo experience for Year 9s proved to be worthwhile and challenging for the students who told me about it. This is another special program which we value at TSAC.

I have also been hearing about the amazing gains being made by Year 5 students experiencing their co-teaching, flexible learning space. Clearly we have something very special going on here. One teacher has described it as “the most beneficial project I have ever undertaken in over 20 years of teaching!”

A very impressive evening was spent at the Let Them Fly expo evening, offered as part of the Festival of Learning currently underway in Springfield, at which our extension students demonstrated all the ways in which their minds can be stretched at the College. There is more going on in this sphere at TSAC than in most schools I know. The students were living proof of the success of these programs: they were enthusiastic, articulate and very motivated to learn, grow and expand their horizons. Once again, they have their teachers to thank for providing them with such enriching opportunities.

Wendy Ashley-Cooper
Interim Principal

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