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From the Interim Principal

Fri , 11/10/2019

From the Interim Principal 2019 – Term 4, Week 1

It was a pleasure to see the College come back to life this week, with the return of all staff and students on both campuses. Term 4 is always intensely busy and the pace does not let up until the final moments. The staff and I are committed to supporting your children to be able to learn and perform at their best during these final months of the school year.

At the end of last term, the student leaders organised a service activity which they called Springfield’s Biggest Spring Clean. Thank you to all families who donated goods to sell. This event showed that the commitment to a service ethic is very much alive and well at the College and it was encouraging to hear that the students’ hard work resulted in success.

At secondary assembly this week I talked about a focus on commitment this term, as follows: “commitment to high standards of dress and uniform-wearing, commitment to high standards of behaviour, commitment to using only good language and not bad language, and commitment to treating teachers, fellow students and the school grounds with respect and care.”
Many of the students at TSAC are excellent representatives of the College and I appreciate their efforts to keep the standards high. It is apparent that for some, however, there is room for improvement. We are counting on parental support as we raise the overall standards in an appropriate manner.

Term 4, in many ways, rightly belongs to our graduating Year 12 students. Nine of them have been here since Prep and one can only imagine how momentous it is for them to face the prospect of walking out of TSAC for the last time as a student. We need to appreciate and honour the plans, dreams, fears and insecurities of all our graduating students as they take the next step into their future. In addition, we need to honour the significant contribution they have made in their time at the College. These young men and women will probably have mixed feelings about the future. On the one hand, their natural desire for freedom and independence will be propelling them forward. On the other hand, there will be inevitable anxiety and fear of the unknown future. One thing is certain and that is that it will be harder to keep in touch with the peers and teachers they currently see every day. They will need to make a concerted effort to maintain those relationships which have been important to them.

It will be an honour to join the graduating class at their Formal tonight. We all wish them well for a suitably elegant and memorable occasion.

Wendy Ashley-Cooper
Interim Principal

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