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From the Interim Principal

Fri , 02/08/2019

From the Interim Principal 2019– Term 3, Week 3

It has been a great pleasure to connect with the vibrant and active community that is TSAC over these first three weeks of term. I have been impressed by the dedication of the staff, the friendliness of the students and the supportive attitude of the parents I have met so far.

The large number of secondary students receiving academic awards at the special scholars’ assembly this week spoke volumes about their conscientious attitude towards their studies. I look forward to seeing even more students honoured for their efforts in the future.

Last week’s highlights included the outstanding musical production, “Grease,” which included some 140 students from Years 4 to 12 exploding onto the stage with a lively show just brimming with exuberance and fun.  A big vote of appreciation is due to all those staff, students and parents who contributed to the show’s success. Members of the College Council who attended on Thursday were also especially impressed by the high quality of the production.

During the first week, I was able to visit the secondary inter-clan athletics carnival, where the participants took to the track and field with enthusiasm, displaying a competitive attitude which was at all times good-natured and encouraging of all.

Yesterday morning I spent time with the Prep students and their teachers, witnessing, first-hand, an innovative program in which the students were able to choose their activities and practise important skills while enjoying themselves. They were totally engrossed in their learning and were undertaking  projects which were sophisticated for their age and stage.

Based on what I have seen and heard so far, I would say that TSAC has much to be proud of and its culture is clearly characterised by a strong sense of community and purposeful endeavour.

It is also exciting to see our Master Plan taking shape, with the refurbishment of science laboratories to begin later this year, as well as the construction of a new Centre for Senior Learning: surely a state-of-the-art space in which the Years 11 and 12 students will feel at home as well as fully supported in their studies.

The results of last term’s survey, in which many parents took part, have been sent to the College. We will shortly be able to release the results in summary form. It’s a comprehensive report overall and the results and recommendations will be considered carefully. Thank you to all those who took the trouble to give their feedback in a spirit of helpfulness. Schools are complex places and it is sometimes difficult to gain a clear perspective from the opinions of just a few members of the community, which makes a wide-ranging survey such as this one, particularly valuable.

Tomorrow we will be hosting prospective new families at the Secondary Open Day. Please encourage any interested families you know to come along and see what TSAC has to offer. For TSAC Primary students, Secondary Open Day can offer a “preview of forthcoming attractions.” It is always valuable for children to get a taste of their future school in a way that is both informal and informative.  I look forward to seeing some of you there.

Wendy Ashley-Cooper
Interim Principal

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