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Film and Arts Festival

Fri , 08/09/2023

The College was thrilled to hold its third Film and Art Festival at the Orion Events Cinema on 30 August, showcasing the College’s talented young artists and filmmakers on the big screen.

The festival featured short film entries across 10 film genres. The winners for each category were judged by Dr Daryl Sparkes, Senior Film and Media Production Lecturer at the University of Southern Queensland, and Zaine Harvey, an Honours student at USQ.

The festival also provided an exceptional platform for young visual artists to showcase their work, with images of their drawings, paintings, photography, and designs. The audience witnessed the remarkable creativity and innovation of the next generation of visual artists, and voted for their favourite works.

Dr Sparks said, “This year, films from The Springfield Anglican College have been exceptional. The stories in the films have a broad range from comedy to suspense to tragedy. The quality of the filmmaking techniques from the students is well above the standard I would expect from high school students.

“The great thing about the films is that they all connect with the audience, so I then look at how inventive the film is in telling this story, both visually and through sound.

“Events such as this are very important for the artistic development of the students. They are also good calling cards for the students in the industry as well. I think quite a number of the TSAC films should also be entered in industry festivals as well, they’re that good!”

The films and artworks will be on display at the College.

Congratulations to the winners:


Ethan Richards, Echoes


Taylor Hampson, The Pink Jumper


Year 7 William Stewart

Year 8 Kai Parker

Year 9 Raymond Soehartono

Year 10 Charlotte Jee

Year 11 Erin Kedzierski

Year 12 Elana Tony



Year 8 Mockumentary: Amelie Muhsam, Princess Peach

Year 9 Genre: Giselle Challenger, Journey to Another World

Year 10 Montage: Taylor Hampson, The Pink Jumper

Year 11 Trailer Genre Swap, Ethan Price, ET Returns

Year 12 Identity: Ethan Richards, Echoes

Best Casting: Kaelan Bell, Alone in Bathersby

Best Cinematography: Chiheang Ing, Rice High

Best Editing and SFX: Ethan Richards, Beyond the Wall

Best Mise-en-Scene: Gabby Gigliotti, Focus

Best Story and Narrative: Samragi,  Back to the Future

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