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Co-Curricular Enrichment

The Springfield Anglican College encourages students of high ability to participate in co -curricular activities which extend and enrich them. The following programs offer opportunities for this.

  • Debating
  • da Vinci Decathlon
  • Digital Tech Club
  • Science Club
  • Creative Writing Club
  • Great Books Club
  • OptiMINDS
  • Mathematics Challenge Program

For further information on Co-Curricular Enrichment, please contact the Director of Teaching and Learning on

Accelerated Learning Pathways

An important strategy to support some high ability students is the opportunity to accelerate their learning in their area of strength and passion.

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Academic Extension

Meeting the needs of all students is a priority of The Springfield Anglican College, and the school is committed to developing high-quality learning opportunities for students of high ability, in order for them to realise their potential.

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