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Choosing a Primary School? Our Top Tips on What to Consider

Mon , 20/06/2022
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There are over two million primary school students across Australia, and it’s incredibly important that families find the best fit school within their school community. Private primary schools are a popular choice for many Australian families

Let’s look at a few considerations that should help you find the perfect primary school in Springfield for your child.

Engaging Staff

First impressions are crucial, as you should feel a warm welcome when you contact a private primary school for a tour. The teachers at private primary colleges should be highly experienced, engaging, and supportive.

Learning Approach

When weighing the pros and cons of different primary schools, also think about the overall learning approach and core curriculum. How much does the school focus on creativity? What about critical thinking? How much homework do students get? All these questions and more will help you make the right decision.

Classroom Support

In addition, it’s important to choose a primary school with a comprehensive core curriculum that gets children interested and excited about their lessons. From Mathematics and reading to Science and History, the top private primary schools back up their lessons with fun activities to ensure students are actively learning and enjoying their experience. If your child has any learning difficulties or special needs, your preferred primary school should cater to these requirements. Remember to talk through what these may be when you initially contact a school.

Convenient Location

Lastly, when selecting a primary school, look for a location that’s easy to get to. After all, this is a commitment to your child’s future education, and a school near your house or close to public transport will be more convenient. Pay attention to the school parking and proximity to community facilities, too.

Visit The Springfield Anglican College

The Springfield Anglican College is committed to excellence, confidence, compassion, community, and environment. We are passionate about supporting children on their journey from Kindergarten, through the early years of school all the way through to Year 12.

We would love to help you discover if The Springfield Anglican College is the perfect fit for your child’s education. Book a tour at our Primary Campus today.

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