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Child Protection Week & eSmart Week

Tue , 06/09/2016

At The Springfield Anglican College we believe that there is nothing more important than the health, safety and welfare of our students. Our staff work daily to ensure that our students, your children, continue to be educated in a safe environment. This environment also includes the on-line environment

This week nationally recognises both Child Protection Week and eSmart Week. Both hold important messages and are, in part, linked. We are reminded that Child Protection is Everybody’s Business and that we all have a role to play in ensuring that our children are able to develop the skills needed to be responsible digital citizens

Recent media reports indicate that some Australian school students have been encouraged to allow inappropriate images of themselves to be taken or they have provided photographs or video footage to people known to them which appear on the internet. Once an image is shared, particularly on the internet, the original owner loses the ability to control these images and often other personal information.

While there is nothing to indicate that there are images of any of our students online, the modus operandi of one foreign website identified in the media is to list the names of students and offer rewards for images. People accessing this website have targeted students from more than 70 Australian schools, both public and private.

We are committed to ensuring that our students know and understand that they have a right to feel and be safe in the physical and virtual world. Our students know that they can talk to any of our specially-trained Student Protection Officers, myself, or any of our school staff to discuss any issues around student protection involving themselves or their friends.

As a parent or carer, if you have any concerns in relation to your child’s online behaviours, or if you have any information about concerning images relating to students, I encourage you to contact me. It is important that we work together in all matters of student protection.

The Anglican Schools Commission has provided our school with an excellent on-line Cyber Safety training resource for you to access. This product was developed by Brett Lee, a former Taskforce Argos investigator, who is well aware of the dangers and risks confronting children on the internet. It is his view that ‘parents and carers more now than ever need to be empowered and involved in their children’s online world’.

Without your involvement as a parent, children are essentially left to self-regulate in what is essentially an un-moderated world. I strongly encourage you to review or revisit this training. The training can be accessed through Parent Lounge (Parent Lounge – School Links – Student Protection – SP Cyber Safety Online Course for parents. Password is tsac)

More information is available from the Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner at:

A number of my staff and I will be talking to our students throughout the week about these issues.

We are always available to talk to you if you have any concerns about Student Protection. Please feel free to contact one of our Student Protection Officers at any time.

Steve Croft
Head of College

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