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Accelerated Learning Pathways

An important strategy to support some high ability students is the opportunity to accelerate their learning in their area of strength and passion.

Subject Acceleration

For students who have demonstrated exceptionally high ability in a particular area of the curriculum, and have demonstrated capacity well above expected year level standards, there is the opportunity for them to accelerate their learning in this area through a formalised subject acceleration. This will be guided by the Academic Extension team.

Accelerated Tertiary Learning

Students of very high ability have the opportunity to engage with tertiary level learning either through an individual flexible learning arrangement, or through the Altitude program in Year 9.

The Springfield Anglican College provides high functioning Year 10 students with the opportunity to undertake their first formal university subject, through an accelerated Head Start program delivered by USQ. These opportunities are not normally available until Year 11 and 12, however, for a small group, this arrangement enables them to accelerate their learning based on academic readiness, not age. These students can continue to engage with formal tertiary studies into Year 11 and 12 as they complete their QCE.

Grade Acceleration

For a small number of very high ability students, a full grade or radical acceleration is recommended to support their intellectual/cognitive, social and emotional needs. The Springfield Anglican College recognises the need for this learning pathway in some students, and applies research best practices in recommending students for grade accelerations.

For further information on Accelerated Learning Pathways, please contact the Director of Teaching and Learning on

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