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9 Tips for Choosing a Kindergarten

Mon , 25/04/2022
Tips for Choosing a Kindergarten

The Tiny Tartan Kindergarten at The Springfield Anglican College is a popular choice for local families. When it comes to early learning, you have several options to choose from in Springfield.

Here are 9 quick tips to help you choose the best Kindy for your child’s learning needs.

Look at Class Size

Consider the class size at prospective Kindergartens. Ask the Kindergarten how many children that they have in each class and what the educator to student ratio is. A ratio of 12:1 is ideal. You want your child to have the opportunity to make new friends and thrive in a classroom setting.

Speak to Current Parents

You can learn a lot about a Kindy by speaking to other parents and students who may attend already. Ask your neighbours and friends or check with the school so they can put you in touch with a few families.

Consult with Teachers

In addition to parents, make sure to research the school’s teaching staff and chat with the educators to get a better feel for their approach.

Prioritise Location

When choosing a Kindergarten, you need to weigh up the location and how easy it is to get to. Is it within walking distance of your home or workplace, or would you need to drive your child every day? Does this suit your family?

Consider a Christian Kindergarten

Many Australian families who want their child’s education rooted in Christian values choose an Anglican Kindergarten. You can expect kind, compassionate, and dedicated teachers who help children understand and respect the world around them.

Reflect on Your Own Education

Whether you went to Kindy or not, it’s important to think about your personal educational experience and any similarities or differences you’d like to see for your child.

Ask About Student Care

Student wellbeing should be a top priority at whichever Kindergarten you choose, so feel free to ask how they approach physical, mental, and emotional health and wellbeing.

Explore School-Based Kindergartens

Finding a school that offers Kindergarten to Year 12, like The Springfield Anglican College, can make a difference by offering stability to your child through their school-age years.

Talk to Your Child

Finally, while thinking about all these tips, it’s important to talk to your child and keep them in the loop. Think about their strengths and challenges, and whether your preferred Kindergarten seems like a good fit.

Enquire About Early Learning Options in Springfield 

Ready to explore local education and get your child enrolled in early learning in Springfield? The Springfield Anglican College would love to show you around our campus – learn more about The Tiny Tartan Kindergarten.

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