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8 Things to Look for During a School Tour

Mon , 06/06/2022
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Your child is deserving of a school that will inspire a love of learning in their youngest students and to realise the potential of their oldest. One of the best ways to find a secondary school in Springfield that suites your child’s individual needs is by taking a school tour.

If you have a child going into Years 7 to 12, here are the top eight things to look for during your visit or tour of local secondary schools and Colleges.

Hear from the Principal, Teachers, and Students

Talking to the principal, the teachers, and the existing students at the school you are touring ensures you gain information on the school values and their approach to education. You can learn about the types of teaching methods that are used, as well as the level of encouragement and responsible attitude towards schoolwork, discipline, and the values the school embeds within its students. It is important to find a school that is led by inspiring, experienced, and passionate staff who want to enrich the lives of the children they teach.

Student to Teacher Ratio

When you arrive for your tour, one of the first things to consider is the class size. Look at the classrooms, how they celebrate students’ successes, and how warm and inviting they make you feel. This is a good time to ask about student to teacher ratio for each class.

Core Subjects

During your tour of prospective secondary schools, you should see examples of the school’s dedication to the core curriculum, including Mathematics, English, Science, and the Humanities. They may also offer additional subjects, such as critical thinking, languages other than English, and extension subjects.

Think about your child’s interests and feel free to ask any questions about assessments and homework while touring the secondary school, too.

Creative Arts

Creative arts are another worthwhile consideration on your tour. The tour guide should take you through different classrooms and learning spaces so you can explore all the exciting options for your child to try and get involved in. Design, technology, instrumental music, visual arts, and drama classes will go a long way in inspiring creativity and imagination.


Sports are an important way for teens to stay healthy and develop strong relationships with their classmates. Parents should look for a high school that fosters a culture of participation for all and has a range of activities for the casual sportsperson, as well as elite athletes who aspire to a career in sports.

Quality of Facilities

Have an extensive look at the campus and explore the feeling of the landscape and the surrounding areas, as well as the current facilities and the future development plans.

School Café

Don’t forget to look at the school café or canteen. The best secondary schools offer fresh, nutritious options for breakfast, lunch, and snacks with daily specials and simple online ordering. Healthy meals ensure students are always fuelled and ready to learn, while hot drinks and sweet treats are a little something special for the whole school community.

Campus Church

Finally, one of the main perks of faith-based secondary schools, including Anglican schools, is their close connection to local churches. Your school tour should include a stop at the associated church on campus, where you can get a feel for the College’s faith and commitment to inspiring students to be respectful and well-rounded individuals.

Visit Secondary Schools in Springfield

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